You Must Visit These Place When You are in Korea


You Must Visit These Place When You are in Korea

Hi, Travelers! Do you have plans for a vacation in the next year? well … if you want to go on a vacation to Korea, don’t just enjoy the Kimchi and Ramyeon, Guys. Because South Korea has interesting places and is really mandatory for you to visit. If you still don’t know, you better consider the recommendations of several locations that you must visit when you are in South Korea.

  1. Udo Island

    Usually, most people always visit Jeju Island. But, you have to try to visit this Udo Island. This island is quite popular among tourists. If you want to go to this location, you need to use the ferry for 15 minutes from Jeju Island. When you are in this location, so many activities you can do. Like, see a beautiful flower garden, lighthouse, and female divers who become the local cultural heritage of Udo Island.
  2. Yang Dong Traditional Village

    A vacation in Korea is not always to be filled with the hustle and bustle of city life. You can also enjoy how life in the countryside there. Like visiting Yang Dong Traditional Village. This village, which has become a UNESCO world heritage site, and it is highly recommended. Besides being able to get to know the traditional life of South Korea, this village also reflects the culture and buildings typical of aristocratic Confucianism from the Joseon Dynasty you know.
  3. Stasiun Kyeong-Wha, Jinhae

    If you take a vacation in Korea in the spring, don’t forget to visit Kyeong-Wha Station, Jinhae. Because this location is already famous for its cherry blossom festival, which is held every year. The most interesting thing about this location is that when the train goes fast, the cherry blossoms will fall scattered, creating a beautiful rain of cherry blossom petals.
  4. Shopping Myeondong

    This location is still recommended when vacationing in Korea. Back then, this place should be on your vacation list. Especially if you like shopping, this place is mandatory and mandatory for you to visit. Ranging from clothes, souvenirs, to culinary at a price you can find. As additional … Myeongdong is also the center of various types of cosmetics that sell from head to head. Guys … you have to prepare more money if you come here.
  5. Nanta Theatre, Myeongdong

    Still, in the Myeongdong area, you can visit the Nanta Theater, Guys. In this theater, you will see a nonverbal comedy-drama in a kitchen setting and use cooking utensils as percussion instruments. No wonder many spectators were mesmerized and impressed with this theater treat. If you want to watch the show at the Nanta Theater, you have to buy an entrance ticket of 40-60 thousand Won either through the theater location or online. So, there are some places that you must visit when on vacation in Korea. Do not let you visit destinations that are already mainstream, Guys. No need to worry, the places above are already well known and are often visited by tourists both local and foreign. There’s nothing wrong with visiting an anti-mainstream destination. Happy Traveling!

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