Wonderful Vacation in Aceh


Wonderful Vacation in Aceh


Dear diary… on last 3 months ago, me and my friends spent our vacation in one of the best destination in Indonesia. This place, has best destination that can make your heart and mind fell calm and better. Especially for you who are really bored with the ambience of city. This place is really recommended for you to visit. It called Aceh, yaps… this place is really well known for its natural beauty. Some of them is the wonderful island that you can explore more and more. Until you can make yourself feel better. That was why, me and friends decided to spend our holiday in this place. We chose some destinations that we visit. If you curious, stay tune!

Well, we went to Aceh from Jakarta by using airplane. We took off from Soekarno Hatta International Airport to Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport. Anyway, we went to Aceh after finishing our deadlines at our office, so could enjoy our full holiday there. Then, for the flight tickets and hotels we had booked a weeks before departing to Aceh. So, we would not worry about anything. I will share the details of our accommodation from Jakarta to Aceh on the table below.

When we arrived in Aceh, the most important thing that we had to do was take a rest to fill up our energy for tomorrow. When we were in Aceh, we sleep in OYO Hotel. Frankly, to make our holiday save more money, so we choose the affordable hotel. For the destination that we wanted to explore was not so many. Just because we had limited time, then we chose the best place that could make our self-felt healing.

The first place that we visited was, Weh Island. What makes me so shock is the view from this island is so insane! I cannot forget myself when I touch down at this amazing island. Therefore, when you at Weh Island, do not forget to take every moments with your own cameras. Trust me, it will make yourself happy and heal. At Weh Island, you can do something interesting. Such as, snorkeling, diving, and swimming to see the marvelous underwater. In the other side, you also can play with the white, soft, and smooth beach sand at this island. Literally, having vacation in Weh Island is the best choice ever that I choose.


After chilling at Weh Island, we back to our hotel to take a rest. Since we wanted to try culinary in Aceh, then we decided to go outside and found something delicious. For those of you who are really curious with culinary in Aceh, you can try some dishes that I recommend. Such as, Matang satay which located at Taman Sri Ratu St. This restaurant open every day on 4PM-2AM. At the price for one dish only IDR 35k. Next cuisine that you can try is Martabak Telur (Savory). Although this cuisine has been spread in whole Indonesia, but trust me! It will totally different if you try it in the original place. You can visit Canai Mamak KL at Teuku Umar St No 51, open every day on 10AM – 3 PM and you only need to pay around IDR 15k only.


Well, those were our activities when we had vacation in Aceh. Honestly, there so much fun activities that we had done there. But, since I only have limited time to share with all of you guys, hopefully I can share another stories when I vacation in Aceh. Anyway, Aceh can be the best place for you if you want to heal your brain and body. Aceh will serve you its beautiful natural view just for you.

Flight Ticket:

Jakarta – Aceh   : Citilink IDR 1,213,800

Aceh – Jakarta   : Batik IDR 1,510,700

Hotel                     : OYO 1630 Hotel Syariah Ring Road IDR 259,733/Nights

Transportation  : Public and online transportation available

Language             : Bahasa, Malay, and Traditional Language

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