Unforgettable Moment in Bengkulu


Unforgettable Moment in Bengkulu

Dear my lovely readers, at this opportunity I would like to share my story when I vacation in Bengkulu. Well, my language is really formal isn’t it? Ok, let’s change it into informal one. Frankly, my plant to go to Bengkulu was on a year ago.  Just because I had so much deadline that should be finished, then I could not go everywhere and I was stuck at my apartment. But how lucky I was! I had a special month where I could take a rest and decided to have wonderful holiday. Anyway, my vacation at this time is totally different with my previous vacations. I wanted to enjoy the natural destination in order to heal myself. That was why I chose Bengkulu to heal me.

Well, to make myself enjoy the vacation. I chose Garuda Indonesia as you know, this flight always gives us their best services ever in Indonesia. So, for round trip I chose this flight. For the detail, I will share later one. For the hotel, I chose Sinar Sport Hotel for 3 nights and for one nights you have to pay IDR 588k only. And its location is really strategic I guess. Then, for the destination, I had plan to visit some destination while I was in Bengkulu. Such as, Air Bengkenang Beach, Sungai Suci Beach, Singkai Waterfalls, and hunt at Bengkulu Souvenirs Center.

At the first day, I visit Air Bengkenang Beach. Since I really need Vitamin Sea, so this place is really the best choice for me to throw away all the pressure and stress that I have. When I was here, I totally myself heal. By doing something made me happy, sing a long, play with the white sands and interact with native here. Not only that, sometimes I played with the small wave since I cannot swim properly, LOL. Literally, Air Bengkinang Beach is really amazing for me to forget my problem for a while. If you wanted to visit this beach, you only need to pay IDR 7k only. It is really affordable I think. This beach is located at Tanjung Besar, Manna District, Bengkulu Regency and open 24 hours.


Since I wanted to enjoy the sunset, I decided to visit Sungai Suci Beach. Not only enjoying the sunset but also to see the island who divided by the beach. Then, you can across it by using Hang Bridge which can challenge your adrenaline. It’s so awesome, I thought! What made so surprise was the entrance ticket was really cheap. I only need to pay IDR 5k only and can enjoy it until you feel bored, LOL. This beach is located at Pesisir Pantai Panjang St, Pondok Kelapa District, Bengkulu Regency. Open 24 hours for you who want to visit Sungai Suci Beach, but if you really eager to visit at midnight, LOL!


Let’s move on from beach, I visited Singkai Waterfalls. To reach this place, you will need to struggle. Since you have to across by using small boat, and down to pass some bridges. The worst case is, when you visit this place on rainy days, you have to stay one night since you will not be able to across the river. But, do not worry since all of the challenge will be payed of, trust me. The waterfalls is really amazing and WOW. This destination is located ad Lubuk Selandak, Temaran Jaya District, Bengkulu Regency. You do not need to pay the entrance ticket since it free for public.

To close my short vacation, I bought some souvenirs which is the famous one from Bengkulu. I bought them all as the souvenirs for my family and partners at my office. I think the price that they gave to me was still affordable and suitable for the tourist like me. If you can bargain well with the local seller, LOL! At the end, those are my experience when I healed myself by having short vacation in Bengkulu. Trust me, destination in Bengkulu is so wonderful and fabulous!

Flight Ticket

Jakarta – Bengkulu          : IDR 1,417,600

Bengkulu – Jakarta          : 1,337,600

Hotel                                                     : IDR 588,000

Transportation                                  : Public and online transportation

Language                                             : Bahasa, Malay, Traditional Language, and English

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