The Beauty of Maluku


The Beauty of Maluku


Do you know what tours there are in Indonesia? Sumba, Labuan Bajo, Bali, and Raja Ampat might have been heard in your ears. But, did you know that Indonesia still has many beautiful tourist attractions too? One of them is Maluku. The islands have been known to the world hundreds of years ago as a country from the east which is very rich, a land of paradise, with abundant natural products. Not only is it rich in natural products, but the panorama in the Maluku islands is also equally beautiful.



Ambon is often also called Ambon Manise, which means sweet and beautiful. Ambon City itself is very beautiful. There are mountains, beaches, the people are also very sweet and friendly. You can go to Namalatu Beach, City Door, Liang Beach, Natsepa Beach, Shiva Lima Museum, Tulehu Hot Springs, Morela Bay, Amsterdam Fort, Martha Christina Tiahahu Statue, and World Peace Gong.


Small Kei Island



Small Kei Island and lined with beautiful beaches. All the beaches have soft white sand and sea blue and a very beautiful sky. Let it be small, but the entire beach on Kei Island is very handsome, typical of soft white sandy beaches and clear blue sea water and free of rubbish. A list of beaches that must be visited on Kei Island is Ngurbloat Beach, Ngursanadan Beach, Ohoidertawun Beach, Madwaer Beach, Ngurtafur Beach, and Adranan Beach. All entry fees are free.


Ngurtafur Beach




Bair Island



These small islands are typical tropical islands with clean white sand and calm blue-tosca sea. Besides the beach there is also a lagoon. You should be able to swim, so you can be satisfied to explore the lagoon on Bair Island. There are also cliffs that can be climbed. The view of the island from the top of the cliff is amazingly beautiful. Maldives lost.



Ora Island in the Seram Island Region. Take a walk to one of the most popular beaches on the internet. To get to Seram Island, take a boat from Tulehu Harbor, Ambon to Amahai Harbor. Travel time is approximately 3 hours.



Ora Beach is one of the popular beaches on the internet. Once you see the photo, you just feel like you’ve seen it. Ora Beach is on Seram Island, Maluku. The beaches are really that good, the people are also super friendly. one thing that you should do is don’t forget to eat fish there, the size of the fish is big and fresh. You must be addicted!

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