My Short Vacation in Bangkok


My Short Vacation in Bangkok

Hi Guys … this time I want to share my shortest holiday experience I did in Bangkok last week. This holiday I planned it long before departure. The main reason why I want to go on vacation is because I’m already tired and bored with work that is piled up. So … I decided to take a vacation even though it was very short. The duration of my vacation this time is super short. I book plane tickets directly round trip so I don’t think about tickets for returning. I am flying from Soetta at 21:55 direct to Bangkok. Maybe in asking, why choose an hour flight that much. What’s clear is that going to office hours will be complicated, so I prefer that hour. So you can get back from the office directly to the airport. Well … When I left for the office I brought my luggage everywhere.

And … I fly at 21:55 using JetStart and don’t use transit, of course. While on the plane, I was also still struggling with work, well, just be advised that deadlines and holidays should be in balance. That’s my principle hehe … Yaps, finally landed safely at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 00:15.

Because I already booked a hotel, I went straight to the hotel so I could rest to explore Bangkok as much as I could. I stayed at Samsen San Place in Khaosan, Bangkok. The goal is to stay there because it’s close to the famous Night Market. I book Standard Double Bed which price is still friendly. Arriving at the hotel, I immediately cleaned myself and immediately went to sleep to recharge energy.

Since it’s already shown at 16:00, I went straight to Khaosan Road on foot. Surely you already know, because you have to walk. The first thing I did when I arrived at Khaosan Roa was a unique and unique culinary tour here. There are so many foods here guys. Starting from the usual until the extreme at once. BTW I tried some of the culinary here, including Manggo Sticky Rice, Coconut ice cream, Banana Pancakes, Durian Monthong typical of Thailand, and Pad Thai with Egg. The price is really cheap too, guys. So, the food is more fun.

Satisfied with a culinary tour, I continued to shop to my heart’s content. I bought quite a lot, starting from T-shirts, key chains, totte bags, and other funny accessories. Well, that’s for sure, you know, some of it was made by friends from Hehe’s office. Because of the convenience of shopping, I didn’t realize that it was already 20:00 at night. And that means time for a culinary tour to fill my stomach. Since I didn’t want to leave Khaosan Road, I decided to enjoy the night world here. The results are pretty good, guys, can relieve stress because people see selling, passing by, enjoying culinary and shopping.

Because I returned to Jakarta in the morning, well I had to force myself to go back to the hotel to settle so I wouldn’t be late for the airport and could rest, because I returned Sunday morning and was ready to face a super duper busy Monday later. So guys, that was the shortest vacation I had while in Bangkok. I planned this vacation intentionally because I wanted a different vacation and was really bored for a vacation in Jakarta. So see you guys …

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