Mini Bollywood in Singapore


Mini Bollywood in Singapore

How come in Singapore there is a “Mini Bollywood”?

Who doesn’t know Little India in Singapore, this area is always predicted to be a “Mini Bollywood” in Merlion country. Maybe we know the Chinatown in Singapore. Likewise, the area where filled by the people are even decorating the region is like taking us to a country famous for its Taj Mahal.

Little India

Seeing the area of Little India that is thick with Indian nuances, which are identical with bright colors, from the shop houses and the places of worship there. Especially if you find a large market which called as Tekka Center.

Tekka Centre

In this market, there are so many stores who sell Indian saree fabrics, and other Indian trinkets, such as canned flowers as fragrances, to their food needs. Like meat and vegetables.

Shopping in tekka centre

In fact, the culture of Indians living in Singapore is still thick. You can see, all food vendors in the kiosk or restaurant, flower, fruit and vegetable traders, jewelry, and money changers are mostly men. So, don’t expect that you will meet with female traders there. Because the woman has her own job, which is doing housework and caring for children. In the morning, they go to the market to buy fruits and vegetables.

seller men in little india

The stores generally open at 10 am. So, if you want to go there in the¬†early morning, it’s still closed. Little India is located around Serangoon Road, Singapore. Serangoon Road is the oldest road in that area which built around 1820. The meaning of the Serangoon road is remembered by the local community is Serangoon, it means gong which is beaten to scare wild animals when splitting plantations.

Pinggir pasar di Lil India

Formerly, people from India were brought to Singapore land to be employed as farmers. Some of them have become cattle or buffalo breeders and work in agricultural fields. So, the naming of the Serangoon road is well known … the beginning of the existence of Little India was created here. And in fact, it has become a tourist destination which visited by many international tourists.

Pedestrian in Lil India

For those who have a direct destination to Little India, it takes 30-40 minutes from Changi International Airport to Little India by taxi. The fare is around 20-30 SGD (IDR 218,000 – IDR 327,000), also depending on the weather and road conditions.

seller men in little india

But if you want to save more money, you can take the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) which can be accessed from the MRT station at the airport to the MRT station in Little India. The trick is, you can find the MRT with the green line and then transit in St. Tanah Red. Stop at St.Tanah Merah, take another MRT that goes to Tuas Link. Don’t forget to stop and transit at Bugis, to change trains on the blue line number 11 which leads to Bukit Panjang. For MRT rates from Changi International Airport to St. Little India is 1.69 SGD (IDR 18,500) with a distance of 18.6 kilometers. It’s easy if you come here, especially for you who don’t carry too much money.


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