Medan and It’s Delicious Cuisine


Medan and It’s Delicious Cuisine

For the first time, I travel to the island of Sumatra. If usually I always travel in Java or abroad, this time it will be different. There is no special reason why I want to travel to Medan. It’s just that I’m curious about one of the culinary tours in the Capital of North Sumatra Province. Medan is famous for its delicious dishes. Both snacks and main dishes make tourists come again and again. Well … my story about Medan and its delicious dishes, here we go!

  1. Sate Memeng
    For the first day, I decided to enjoy the burnt dish, Guys. Memeng Satay is already very famous. Because it is famous for its good taste, the owner does not open branches anywhere. Memeng Satay is located at. Jalan Irian Barat number 1 Gang Buntu, East Medan. Various types of satay are sold here, Guys. Satay smothered in delicious peanut sauce makes the dish delicious to eat at night. For the price per portion, it’s still in accordance with the taste given, Guys. So we won’t lose anything.
  2. Soto Sinar Pagi
    Usually in Jakarta, we find various types of Soto such as Soto Betawi, Soto Lamongan to Soto Banjar. But this soto in Medan is really different. Soto Sinar Pagi made from coconut milk sauce, bean sprouts, vermicelli, sliced ​​chicken and equipped with potato chips make the tongue spoiled with its taste. Soto Sinar Pagi is located at Jalan Sei Deli no. 2D, West Medan is already well-known among the locals. I was so famous, we had to queue to buy a bowl of sotonya. Because it opens at 07:00 in the morning, this one food you can make your breakfast menu if you’re in Medan.
  3. Ucok Durian
    Well … if this one culinary is already very famous. Even Indonesian artists are willing to come all the way to enjoy durian at Ucok Durian. This is the reason why I traveled all the way from Jakarta to Medan. Hehehe … Ucok Durian became the top list in Medan and Delicious Cuisine, Guys. Ucok durian is located at Jalan KH. Wahid Hasyim number 30-32. We don’t need to worry about eating durian even though it’s not the season. Because in Ucok Durian is open every day and provides fresh durian fruit.         Nah… seperti itu Guys, beberapa tempat yang gue sambangi ketika di Medan. Honestly, kuliner Medan memang enak-enak banget. Ga bakalan rugi dan nyesal deh kalau kita berwisata ke sini. Gue kira cerita gue tentang Medan dan Hidangan Lezatnya sampai di sini dulu ya, Guys. Sampai jumpa di cerita selanjutnya ya. See You~

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