Matamata – Hobbiton


Matamata – Hobbiton

New Zealand

Do you still remember film Lord of the Rings or The Hobbiton?  The successful films that bring the audience carried away with the beautiful atmosphere of the atmosphere and buildings presented in the picture. And, the plan is later this month will visit the location of the LOTR and The Hobbiton films. This trip I departed from Soekarno Hatta International Airport (CKG) to Auckland International Airport (AKL) using Qantas aircraft. The first transit at Sydney Airport (SYD) for 12 hours 30 minutes. After that, continue to AKL. The total travel hours are 22 hours 25 minutes. Oh yes, the flight from Soeta departs at 10:10 arriving at AKL at 21.05. Not bad for a whole day sleeping on a plane.

To go to Matamata from Auckland, the group uses an Intercity bus. Estimated trip approximately 3 hours 15 minutes. So, as far as the eye can see all the way, the view is all green. The vast expanse of grassland, many cows gathered, the beauty … beyond measure.

Arriving at Hobbiton, the group was given breakfast first. Oh yes, this note for those of you who want to go to New Zealand, eating and drinking here is on average expensive. Especially if in a tourist spot. Breakfast and coffee will cost between 15-20 NZD (IDR 195,000). if in Indonesia, we can eat catfish pecel for a week, yes. But don’t worry, you won’t regret it because the portions are large and the coffee is delicious! After breakfast, the group returned to the bus to continue the journey to the Hobbiton Movie Set. Because it is not in the middle of the city, it still needs to travel about 30 minutes. On the way to the Hobbiton Movie Set, the group passed the hills that were not only green, but there were many cows and sheep everywhere because this was a breeding area. To be able to go here you have to register a tour, because the location of Hobbiton is not open to the public so it can only be visited by following the tour that they provide via the web at In 1 day there are 10 bus schedules to choose from, from morning to evening and each bus has a maximum of 20 people. Each adult is charged 79 NZD (Rp. 770,000) including shuttle to get to the Hobbiton location.


Along the road to Hobbiton Movie Set, the tour guide tells about the Hobbiton Movie Set. From the construction process, and the reason is maintained until now this building. In 1998, Sir Peter Jackson (LOTR director) was looking for a location for the film he was going to make (LOTR). Well, after searching, Sir Peter Jackson found the location he wanted. Namely, a private family farm owned by Alexander that has existed since 1978. In March 1999, for 9 months all film crews worked to make the Hobbiton location a reality. Because of limited funds too, Peter Jackson asked for financial assistance from the New Zealand government. But because the government also could not help with money, the government finally helped the construction of this place, one of which helped make the road along the 1.5 km. In December 1999 the film production finally began.

After completion, at Alexander’s family’s request, all parts of the set location were not destroyed. Everything is left like in the film. There is still something left. Starting in 2002, this place was officially made a tourist attraction with a guided tour system until now. In 2009, Peter Jackson returned to film The Hobbit. In total there are 44 hobbit houses built with permanent building materials. And the group visited everyone, but not all houses could be entered. Only 2 or 3 houses can be entered, even though the adventure here is still impressive, as if it were not on earth. A new adventure with a sensation that can never be forgotten.

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