Maori Tribe


Maori Tribe

Does anyone know New Zealand? Surely everyone knows about New Zealand. Just as it has become common that Aboriginal tribes are native tribes who inhabit Australia. But, do you know that there are indigenous tribes in New Zealand?

New Zealand is an island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. A real neighbor to Indonesia. Formerly, for more than four hundred years, there was one tribe that had traveled thousands of kilometers across the Pacific Ocean that had not been known by small canoes and became the first inhabitants of Aotearoa New Zealand. And the tribe is named the Maori. Which until now, the Maori are known as native inhabitants in the country of New Zealand. And its culture has also become a core part of New Zealand’s national identity.

Suku Maori

The Maori Tribe are very famous for their ability to make carving. The proof is, when you are in New Zealand will find many buildings carved with carvings from the Maori Tribe. You also can see Maori carving skills when you meet them. Because, one of the characteristics of the Maori tribe is having a tattoo on his body. This is one form of art from the Maori tribe called Ta Moko or tattoo. The term means to press or attack. The art of tattooing reflects whakapapa (family tree) and a person’s personal history.


At the past this tattoo was very important to them. Because, to know the social status, knowledge, ability, and worthiness of someone to get married. But today, Ta Moko has a meaning as a revival in traditional and modern forms. If the Ma Moko Taori design is only used for aesthetic reasons without any philosophical meaning, then it is called krirtuhi or just skin art. Ta Moko in Maori men, usually on the face, buttocks, and thighs. In women, usually on the lips and chin. The characteristics of Maori tribal tattoo motifs are very distinctive. Which has a spiral shape.

Maori's tatto

The Maori Tribe also have a cooking tradition in Hangi (underground hole). In the past, the Hangi food they cooked was wrapped in hemp leaves, but now the food is wrapped in cloth, aluminum, and wire baskets. It’s modern, right 🙂 The Hangi tradition is carried out because the Maori people believe that the earth is the source of life that produces food so that the same food must be cooked in the earth. Cool philosophy!


The making of Hangi dishes is done by placing a wire basket filled with food on a hot stone in the bottom of the hole. Wet cloth will cover the food which is followed by closing it using a mound so that heat quickly spreads from the stone to the food. After that, the food will be left in the hole for three to four hours, depending on the amount cooked. The main ingredient of food that is usually cooked is the result of earth’s wealth. Like, fish, chicken and tubers. But, as the era of Hangi’s tradition of cooking food from various meats, potatoes, pumpkins, cabbage, and various other contents was added. Although the process of cooking Hangi food is done traditionally, but the results are champions! The meat is tender, the vegetables are really delicious. So, if you go to New Zealand, don’t forget to follow the Maori cooking tradition.

Hasil Hanggi - NZ

And there is one other unique things about the Maori people who also plays a role in preserving tradition and knowledge for the next generation of Maori. Namely, the tradition of introductions by touching the nose called Hongi. Let’s Hongi!

So, to visit New Zealand, there are more destinations that you want to visit, right? New Zealand is not just about its natural beauty. Its unique culture is also a destination that is not less interesting to visit. Pure New Zealand!

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