Let’s Get Lost in Hong Kong


Let’s Get Lost in Hong Kong

Hi … Hi … Hi … this time I want to share a year-end vacation yesterday guys. This time I was on holiday alone because my friends were on vacation with their family. My goal in solo traveling is that I want to explore Hong Kong as much as possible. And … that’s not all, guys, the hidden goal why I chose solo traveling is to find out myself. To what extent, I know myself when traveling solo. For my flight, I prefer the Singapore Airline Business Class in order to make my self fell comfort while on the flight. Visa, passport, flight ticket and hotel issues have made me sure and book long before departure. So … it becomes safer and doesn’t need to worry anymore.

Because I book business class, so I have to spend around 12 million rupiah for a round trip. Then, for the hotel, I prefer Royal Plaza Hotel. Per night it’s around 1.7 Million for the Plaza Grand Room. No need to worry guys, because the room that I book is really good and suitable for a vacation. Vacation in Hong Kong I do around 4 days 5 nights. So it will be filled with exploring Hong Kong even further. Hehehe…






I flew from Soetta around 11am and transited at Changi about 1 hour and then continued my flight to Hong Kong. I arrived in Hong Kong at around 12 pm Hong Kong time. In order to prevent my jet lag, some things I’ve done to avoid that incident. While transiting at Changi, I took advantage of the Business Lounge at Changi while resting and waiting for the final call to fly to Hong Kong. The facilities provided are also really good and really cool guys. The point is we are not in vain to spend, because what we get is also very good.


And then, I continued my flight to Hong Kong. I enjoyed the trip that I did this time. in addition to being able to arrange everything without discussion with others, I can also determine how long I will finish in the place that I will visit later. BTW, as long as I am in Hong Kong, I have determined several places that I will visit. The first place I will visit is Victoria Park. The second place is, Tsim Tsa Sui, and the last is Temple Night Market.


I landed in Hong Kong around 12 pm Hong Kong time. After the immigration business was finished, I proceed directly to the hotel to rest. To go to the hotel itself, I use a taxi to be faster. What a great hotel ever, I have been in place guys. The hotel is really cool. no word of disappointment for the hotel that I booked this time. Starting from the services that are well services and even the rooms that I bookin are also really good. Well … I’m resting … and see you


For the first day, I visited Victoria Park. Because based on the article I read on the internet. If we want to experience a vacation in true Hong Kong, we must visit Victoria Park, Hong Kong. The park here is so beautiful guys. Spoil our tired eyes staring at the monitor.


For the next day, I continue to visit Tsim Tsa Tsui. Because I like shopping, this place can’t be missed guys. This place spoiled us who like basic branded goods. Fortunately, I didn’t go crazy when shopping in this shopping area. keep in mind guys, don’t get you crazy and forget to provide emergency funds. Yes, next time you return home with an empty wallet. : D


For the last day, saatnya buat perut dan lidahmu dimanjakan dengan lezatnya kuliner dan jajanan yang ada di Temple Night Market guys. Yaps, bener banget guys… semua jenis kuliner unik ada di sini. Yang penting kamu mau mencicipinya tanpa rasa “kenyang”.


Well … maybe it’s guys, my version of Let’s Get Lost in Hong Kong. Maybe there are still many who want me to tell when I vacation in Hong Kong. Wait for the next story, guys. Happy Traveling!

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