Interesting Destination in Da Nang


Interesting Destination in Da Nang

For this holiday, I prefer to go to Da Nang, Vietnam. If my friends say in the office, not much can be explored when we are on vacation in Da Nang. But, I don’t care about them anyway, because I’m really curious about one of the cities in Vietnam. The theme of my holiday this time is backpackeran ala. Well, even though I’m a backpacker, I still stay in a hotel, not a hostel or maybe a guesthouse. The reason is I don’t like sharing rooms with strangers. So, just for your information, if I stay at a hotel that can be considered cheap and is still suitable for those of us who want a cheap but comfortable vacation.

Flights from Jakarta-Da Nang must first transit in Changi, Singapore. I booked a round trip flight ticket, which is sure to avoid the word ‘chatty and complicated’. This time for a plane ticket, I had to pay around 1.9 million Rupiah for a single trip. So, how much do you know for the total round trip? Then, for lodging, I chose to stay at the Royal Charm Hotel that was Standard Double Seaview or Cityview. Per night, we have to pay around 269 thousand. Very cheap right? BTW that includes free breakfast. The more economical we are on this holiday.

FYI, I didn’t have a vacation in Da Nang for long. Departs 28 February and returns to Jakarta 2 March. As usual, before leaving for the destination I had to look for any cool attractions in Da Nang. With Google, I searched all the pages and some Vlogs, some YouTubers. Then finally, got my destination! The cool Da Nang-style tour that I’m going to visit this time is My Khe Beach and Hoi An Ancient Town. Because my hotel is close to the beach area, that means there must be a lot of places to eat there.

Well … I flew from Soetta-Changi at 13:35 WIB and transited for about 3 hours. So while I was transiting at Changi, I enjoyed this cool and sophisticated airport. Changi exploration I do during my transit. Starting from one place to another. If I may be honest, this airport is really cool and sophisticated. There are several locations that no longer use human labor.


Because I was too busy traveling around the airport, I almost lost my flight to Da Nang. But, luckily it’s not so fatal, so I don’t miss it. Because the flight to Da Nang at night, yes I had time to rest and recharge energy. Yes, even though when I arrive at the hotel, I will also sleep. Then … I landed safely in Da Nang International Airport! Wowo … my vacation will start tomorrow. Can’t wait! Arriving at the hotel, the first thing I did was clean my body and sleep for the vacation that I had planned. Fun tourism in the style of Da Nang, will begin!


For the first day, I want to play by the beach first. Since I’m already bored with the hustle and bustle of the capital city, I really need sea vitamin. The first exciting Da Nang-style tour, My Khe Beach. The location of the beach which is not so far from the hotel where I stay I decided to walk. To walk to My Khe Beach only takes 10 minutes anyway. So no need to use a taxi or other transportation. This orphanage is beautiful and the sand is white you know. So don’t lose to the others. There are also many foreign and local tourists who vacation and play in the My Khe Beach area. No wonder My Khe Beach is one of the interesting attractions in Da Nang. While here, I also took the time to enjoy a variety of dishes that are sold here. You could say the taste is quite suitable on my tongue which incidentally does not select food.


Vacation on the second day begins! Da Nang’s second attractive tourist attraction is Hoi An Ancient Town. For those of you who like historic buildings and photography, this place is very suitable for you to visit. The historical nuance of the building makes this place a reliable and attractive destination in Da Nang. Many things you can do while in Hoi An Ancient Town. Like interacting with local residents, seeing the lives of local residents and even buying their souvenirs you know. It’s more fun!


Well … that’s my cool Da Nang-style tour. How about your version? Happy traveling …


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