Hits Places in Bandung


Hits Places in Bandung

Bandung is one of the favorite cities of tourists both domestic and international. It makes this place always crowded in visiting both the holiday season or even a normal day. I want to tell you the exciting and contemporary places in Bandung.

1. Farmhouse Lembang

FarmHouse Lembang has become a favorite tourist destination for tourists. Here you can enjoy various tourist attractions such as the Hobbit House, interact with farm animals there, and you can enjoy a European-style atmosphere. This tourist place is located on Jl. Raya Lembang No.108, the price of admission is quite cheap, you only pay 25,000 per person.

2. Tangkuban Perahu Mountain

Tangkuban Perahu is one of the famous places in Bandung, because it used to have an interesting story. Here there are 2 craters namely the largest crater called Kawah Ratu and the second crater which is about 1.2 Km below it is called Domas Crater. Here you can boil eggs in boiling sulfur water in one of its springs.

3. Lembang Floating Market

Floating Market is a place that you must visit if you go to Bandung. This place is always crowded with tourists, here you can taste a variety of culinary in the floating market, besides that in this place there are also various kinds of rides that you can enjoy such as mini cities, rainbow gardens, rental of Japanese and Korean costumes, and also there are rides water that you can enjoy such as water trains, canoes, family canoes, children’s paddle boats, and water bikes.

4. The Lodge Maribaya Bandung

The Maribaya Lodge is one of the must-visit places if you go to Bandung. Here you can do various activities such as camping, trekking around the beautiful pine forest area, gathering and team building, or even just refreshing to enjoy the culinary. There are also various rides which are absolutely instagrammable. The rides here are air balloon, zip bike and hang gliding.

5. Orchid Forrest Cikole Lembang

Orchid Forrest is in Lembang, this place covers an area of 12 hectares and is surrounded by 157 kinds of various kinds of orchids developed here. Besides enjoying the beauty of orchids, you can also enjoy the beauty of the pine trees that are around. The price of your Orchid Forrest entrance ticket is enough to pay Rp. 25,000 on normal days if on holidays you will be charged Rp. 35,000 rupiah. Besides that, you can also enjoy the rides here such as sky bridge, outbound, and Orchid Forest Cikole camping ground.

6. Kawah Putih Ciwidey

Tourist attractions on this one is certainly everyone knows. You can enjoy the view of the volcanic crater with the white soil, its uniqueness is in the water which always changes color.

7. Lembang Bamboo Hamlet

Dusun Bambu is a tourist destination suitable for families. Here you can enjoy the beautiful and cool scenery, besides that you can also try culinary and can also rent a villa here. There are also many other tourist attractions that you can visit too.

8. Dago Dream Park

Dago Dream Park a new tourist attraction opened in 2016, this place provides a lot of rides that are suitable for families, children, or you who want to find a good photo spot. The rides here are sky tree, up house, alladin carpet, sky bike, row a boat, there are many other fun rides. Dago Dream Park is open at 09.00-17.00 WIB on weekdays if on holidays it opens at 08.00-20.00 WIB.

9. Trans Studio Bandung

This place is located in the Trans Studio Mall, the game here can be played for all ages ranging from toddlers, teens to adults because besides there are extreme rides here there are also rides for their children too. Trans Studio opens at 10:00 to 19:00 WIB on weekdays and weekends open at 09.00 – 21.00 WIB, the price of admission for Monday-Thursday costs Rp. 180,000, for Friday Rp. 200,000 and for Saturday-Sunday the price is Rp. 280,000, for those of you who want to enter the vehicle without queuing you can buy a VIP bracelet for Rp. 250,000.

10. Panoramic Anteng Slopes Coffee
Anteng Panoramic Slopes is a very contemporary and instagramable cafe, the place is located on a hillside and in a very unique design to make this cafe always crowded with visitors. This cafe is quite unique because the shape of the cafe is laid out like a terraced rice field. Seats are arranged in such a way that visitors can feel at the same time taking pictures there. There is the form of ordinary wooden seating, there is also a contemporary form of transparent tents.

Those are the current places in Bandung, so if you go to Bandung, don’t forget to stop by all of them. See you in my next stories

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