Historical Destination in South Sulawesi


Historical Destination in South Sulawesi


Every country has its own history, and so does Indonesia. Indonesia has many historic buildings that we can visit. This time, I will tell you about historical buildings in South Sulawesi. Are you familiar with this area? If you are not, let us know!

South Sulawesi is one of the regions in Indonesia, this province is located on Sulawesi Island. If you are history lovers, you should go here to see how many buildings you can learn. What do you think the buildings are?


One of the buildings that you can visit in South Sulawesi is Fort Rotterdam Fortress. This fort is located in the city of Anging Mamiri, Makassar. This fort has been established since 1545 and still stands strong today. This fort is the legacy of King Gowa X, Imanrigau Daeng Bonto Karaeng Lakiung or Karaeng Tunipalanga. However, after 1667 the fort was captured by the Dutch and renamed Fort Rotterdam.




Since the Dutch occupation, this fort was changed by the dominance of Portuguese-style architecture. Only the remaining part of the wall is the legacy of King Gowa. Around this fort, there is also the La Galigo Museum which we can visit to get to know Makassar’s history more deeply and the exile room of Prince Diponegoro (one of the heroes of the Indonesian struggle). Now, this place functions as an office and Makassar Cultural Center.



Continue to the second place, the Bantimurung National Tourism Park. During the Dutch colonial era, many came to Bantimurung to tour butterfly watching. Not surprisingly, the historical record of the Bantimurung butterfly park is quite long.

The pattern of butterflies is diverse and we rarely encounter we can find here. Dead butterflies will be preserved and used as souvenirs. The price is quite varied, depending on the size and type of butterfly. Are you interested in bringing one of them?



Inside Bantimurung Nature Tourism Park there is a Helena Sky Bridge suspension bridge. This bridge stands between the towering mountains of karts with green trees around it, making anyone who passes it will be amazed. The price of admission is also fairly cheap, only 15,000 IDR / person.



Next, we go to Leang-leang or the cave which is still within the Bantimurung National Park area. The price of admission is IDR 3000 / person. This cave was formed in the area of karts rock and became a place to live prehistoric humans at that time.

Along entering the prehistoric tourist sites of Leang-leang seen from the distance of the towering karts mountains, the expanse of rice fields seems to add green to the beautiful atmosphere of the tourist area of Leang-leang.


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