Grabbing the Best Souvenir in East Java


Grabbing the Best Souvenir in East Java

Hello, everyone! Have you ever been to East Java? Well, this is my first time visiting East Java since my friends force me to visit this interesting city. The first thing, I just think there is nothing that I can do while I am here. But, when I touched down in Surabaya, I had a lot of things that I could do. Well, I love shopping, so before coming back home, for sure I have to buy the best souvenir to give them to my partner in my office. A souvenir that I bought was food. Since you read my story, I will give and recommend the best souvenir that you have to grab as a souvenir from East Java.

The first is Strudel. Although it is originally from Europe, strudel becomes the unique souvenir and must be bought when we are in Malang. Besides, most of us only focus on apple crispy from Malang, but strudel is the most recommended on. You cannot leave it, Guys! The texture of this strudel is soft and moist, so it is appropriate to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

The next is klemben cake. This small cake is made from flour and egg. This cake also is made of a special shape so that the result of this cake also unique and special too. Klemben cake has a soft texture and also moist when you eat it. This cake also becomes the best part if you enjoy it with a cup of coffee in the afternoon. So, interesting, isn’t it?

The next is the sweatiest one brownies tape. Besides you have to try pro and pia tape, you also highly recommended to try brownies tape with a soft texture and sweet taste. It can make you want to try it again and again. It will be different if you enjoy this brownies with a cup of coffee, the taste will be more perfect. To make the brownies more complete, it has to types of topping. First cheese and chocolate sprinkle.

So, those are some souvenirs that you can buy while you are having a vacation in East Java. Do not worry about the prize, since the price still affordable and the taste is delicious. I recommend you buy them to make you want to come back again to East Java. See you in another story.

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