Fun Learning in Malang


Fun Learning in Malang

Heyyo! It has been a long time I haven’t write some articles about my vacation, right? Well, since I was to busy in several weeks and made me forgot to write my vacation. Anyway, because at this time I have so much time, so I write my vacation in two months ago. This vacation was totally different as usual. It is because I brought my nephew and niece traveling since they were holiday. The destination that we chose was Malang. There was no special reason why Malang became the destination. Just because I wanted to give some fun learning to my niece and nephew so no problem. So here is some destinations that we visit during the holiday. Let’s check it out!

Anyway, the destination that we decided to visit was Jatim Park 2. Since in this destination we can educate our children and Jatim Park 2 is the best choice so far. In this park, you can explore some places in order to make your children become more happy while you are here. To start the learning, I visited animal museum. In this section, I thought them about various of animal, where they came from, and etc. Not only thought them about various animals but also the habitat of those animal was never forget to be thought. Since in this section you can find some kind of animal, your children will not get boring actually.

The next section was eco green park. Since children now a days seldom keep in touch with nature, eco green park in Jatim Park 2 is really recommended you visit. In this place, you can teach your children about plants and how to take care of them. Not only about plant but also about how to take care the environment from the global warming, plastic bag, and how to reuse them as well. So they can love the environment in the correct way. While we were here, my niece and nephew were so excited and seemed never get bored. So awesome, isn’t it?

The last part of this holiday, we visit Batu Secret Zoo. After we finished learning about animal at the museum, we continued to learn animal in real life. In  this place, you can see and tech your children about animal in real life. Not only that, you also can play with your children in this park happily. Some attractions are prepared well for the visitor. So, you can choose what kind of attraction that you want to choose. My niece and nephew were so happy when vacation with me. Since the destination that had been chosen by me was really appropriate for them especially as children. Therefore, Jatim Park 2 is really recommended for you who want to have a happy vacation.

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