Fun Activities That You Can Do In Pandava Beach, Bali


Fun Activities That You Can Do In Pandava Beach, Bali


Frankly, you have already heard about Bali. The hidden paradise in Indonesia, can serve and make your holiday become more memorable and unforgettable. Literally, when we talk about Bali, it is not about Bali Beach or Tanah Lot only. Since Bali have so much best spot that you can explore. One of them is Pandava Beach. This spot is totally different with other spots. It means, Pandava Beach is really recommended for you since there are some interesting activities that you can do while you are there. So, here is some activities that you can do. Let’s check it out!

The first activity that you can do in Pandava Beach are to visit the five Pandava knight statues. Since Pandava beach is located behind the sturdy cliff, you can see the beautiful scenery of limestone hills at the right and left side. Not only that, you also can see the cultural value. Since some artists in Bali decided to make five Pandava knight statues. Therefore, you can see five of those statues directly because those statues become the beach guard in Balinese believe. Those statues are placed among the hill walls. They are Arjuna, Bima, Yudistira, Nakula, dan Sadewa.

                After seeing five Pandava knight statue, the next activity that you can do is swimming at the beach and enjoy the beautiful view from the beach. You cannot deny that the beautiful scenery of Pandava beach is really spectacular. Clean white sand, clear sea water, and relatively calm waves will attract the attention of every visitor to swim or enjoy the beauty of the beach while relaxing. You will not be bored while you are here, since Pandava can serve you its beautiful side of it. The most important thing is, this beach is note really crowded compare with Kuta and Nusa Penida beach. So, you will fully enjoy your holiday here.

If you cannot swim, you can try other interesting activities. The one only is canoeing! It is really fun if you canoeing on Pandava beach. The capacity is only for one person and you can rent it by paying IDR 25k per hour. If you are not brave enough canoeing by your self, you can rent canoeing that has two capacity. But, you need to pay more, it is about IDR 50k per hour. The best part is, you will be completed with a safety guard. So awesome, isn’t it?

Want to try something challenging? For sure you can do that. At Pandava beach, you can try paragliding in Timbis Hills. When you decide to try paragliding, it means you have the best choice ever! Since you can enjoy the whole beautiful scenery of Pandava beach from the air. It is sounds good idea, isn’t it? If you are interested to try paragliding, you only need to pay IDR 400k and it depends on what type of package that you choose. And, the best time to try paragliding is at day or noon if the weather is nice.

So, those are some fun activities that you can do at Pandava beach. Literally, having a vacation in Bali is quite cheap. As long as you have prepared it so well. Those activities can be used for your reference if you want to holiday in Pandava beach.

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