Free to the Museums in Melbourne!


Free to the Museums in Melbourne!

The most comfortable things are at this city (The World Most Liveable Cities) in this world . In Melbourne, besides there is a free Tram that invites tourists to go around MelBourne while in the Free Tram Zone, there are also other free things that can be blessed by tourists. Namely … , trip to the Various Museums in Melbourne.


So, to walk to the Museum in Melbroune, the requirement is… you must still be a student. Both elementary school students, first level, middle, and college. Some museums in Melbourne have concessions for and for a number of tourists, including students, both domestic and abroad. And the museum that has a concession for students is a museum shaded by Museums Victoria. There are 3 museums sheltered by the Victoria Museums. Namely Melbourne Museum, Immigration Museum and Scienceworks.

To get free and cool knowledge by visiting various museums in Melbourne, is really easy. You, as the tourists only need to bring a valid student ID card. Also don’t forget to photograph you as a visitor at the time of the visit you want to visit the museum. After that, you just bring it and show it at the ticket counter. Finished, you will get a kosensi ticket. And the time has come for you to enter the museum for free. Easy and it certainly saves money right?

You can go directly to the Melbourne Museum which is located at 11 Nicholson Street, Carlton, Victoria. If from Melbourne Central, can be reached for 10 minutes by foot. Previously, you need to know the contents of this Melbourne Museum, namely the history of Melbourne, the State of Victoria, Australia, there is also about animals and the human mind. Ohya, the museum operates from Monday to Sunday at 10:00 to 17:00.

Next, you can go to the Immigration Museum, located at 400 Flinders Street. Well, this is a museum that contains stories of people migrating to Australia, specifically the state of Victoria. I like this museum because it presents interactive things in it. So that visitors will not be bored when coming here.

Museum Immigration

For tourists who like to learn about Science, can visit Scienceworks. It’s in 2 Booker St, Sportswood. You can learn about planets, animals, humans, and various other sciences which are very fun here.


In Indonesia it is precisely in Jakarta, something like Planetaruim Taman Ismail Marzuki – Cikini.

Scienceworks Planet

As a result, it turns out it’s not just students who get concessions. But there are also concession tickets for other visitors. Tourists under 16 years and elderly holders who are officially registered in their respective countries can also get concession tickets. So, don’t forget that to the State of Victoria, Australia, bring your identity card, traveler friend!

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