Exploring Tangalooma on Moreton Island


Exploring Tangalooma on Moreton Island

Tiring days, I really need a break and also refreshing. My mind wanted to feel the fresh air and a really new atmosphere. By looking for info on vacation spots that were easily accessible. From the accommodations, accommodation costs, and most importantly, your vacation destination will be impressive.


Because so many people reviewed about Australia, and arguably also a country that presented comfort and safety. Finally I decided to take a trip to Queensland – Australia. Because in Queensland we could enjoy the nature of Australia. Especially the sea view of the Great Barrier Reef, which was a UNESCO World Heritage site. But in Queensland there was an unusual destination, there was Tangalooma Island on Moreton Island. In this region, it turned out that there were many outdoor tourism facilities, both paid and free. For tickets from Soekarno Hatta Airport – International Airport Brisbane it costs IDR 10,339,800. it’s already the same ticket home. I took the Malindo airline. The trip did not last all day. Only about 10 hours drive anyway. Not long, right …

Tangalooma Moreton Island

Tangalooma is located in the west of Moreton Island, is an island in Moreton Bay, right in the eastern part of Queensland. Moreton Island has a subtropical climate, the temperature is around 22-30 degrees Celsius in the afternoon. If it is summer, it can reach 12-22 degrees Celsius and it is winter daytime. To get to Tangalooma, we can ride a catamaran like a ferry, from Holt Street Wharf (Holt Street Pier), Pinkenba, Brisbane – Tangalooma Jetty (Tangalooma Pier). The journey to Tangalooma is 40 km, the duration of the journey takes approximately 75 minutes. Every day there are three round trips and other additional schedules for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The fare for the ride on this catamaran is 80 AUD (IDR 850,000) / adult, 45 AUD (IDR 480,000) / child from 3-14 years old, and is free for children up to two years.

Tangalooma Resort Aussie

In Tangalooma, tourists do not need to worry because there is a place to stay Tangalooma Island Resort. Tangalooma Island Resort is located on the beach, on the edge of Moreton Island National Park. For you who want to stay at this resort, the resort also provides a variety of tourist facilities, some are paid and some are free. The paid ones, for example, feed small fish dinners to wild dolphins on the beach which will be monitored by Dolphin Care officials themselves. It costs around IDR 2,189,829. Then there is the ATV Quad Bike Tour on the beach and the low hills, and sand tobogganing aka sand boarding or gliding using boards, from the top to the bottom of the sand dunes on Sand Toboggan. To enjoy this tourist facility it costs IDR 1,419,537. If it’s free, like playing basketball and swimming in the resort pool.

The are activities in Tangalooma in the late evening, usually tourists are given the opportunity to feed wild dolphins at Dolphin Lodge. There will be a Dolphin Care officer who previously gave a briefing. For example, giving a way to wash your hands with special clean water provided in a bucket before feeding, then prohibiting footwork and taking pictures with the help of a camera light, and hand position when feeding. Here also it turns out that every dolphin has an identity (name and age) you know. Data about dolphins there is at the Dolphin Center.

dolphin feeding tangalooma

Then, try out the ATV Quad Bike Tour on the beach and the low hill in front of the resort. And feel the sand tobogganing aka sand boarding or gliding using boards, from the top to the bottom of the sand dunes in Sand Toboggan. And don’t forget there is also a guide who explains the procedures for sand boarding. For example, you are not permitted to wear or carry objects that will inconvenience yourself when climbing the white sand dunes which are up to 90 meters high and gliding to the foot of the hill. Before sliding any footwear must be removed, because it will complicate your climb. And most importantly, before climbing to the hill, apply and apply sunscreen to your face, body and limbs!

Arriving at the top of the hill, there is also a sand tobogganing instructor who will teach you the technique of sliding with masonite wood, starting from the matter of the prone body position and feet and hands on the sled, to the correct hiking trail to the top of the sand dunes.

In here, the launcher is not only lent to a sliding board, but also a goggle (swimming goggles) to prevent sand from entering the eye and the glare of the sun reflected by the surface of the dune. Even though it’s closed, of course, the spray of sand can still enter our nose and mouth. It’s also called sand boarding.

Formerly in Moreton Island two military defense cannons were built, one in Cowan Cowan and another in Toompani. Naval bases and docks were also built in Tangalooma. But this was before, during World War II. So, it’s not just the natural value that is beautiful, Tangalooma also has a high historical value.

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