Exciting Culinary in Malang City


Exciting Culinary in Malang City

If usually, some travelers prefer to play in Jatim Park in Malang, but this time I’m different guys. During my vacation in Malang, I prefer to explore every corner in Malang. Because I like to eat the most, so I go to every place that provides delicious culinary tours, delicious, and certainly very cheap. I guarantee you will definitely drool and want to return to Malang after reading my review. I’m the only one who wrote this until I was drooling and hungry looking at the photos of my food that were eternal.

Well, the first day I prefer to have breakfast at Soto Ayam Lombok, which has been established since 1955 guys. Eits … wait a minute! This culinary is not from Lombok just because there is the word ‘Lombok’. This is because the first soto stall that opens on Lombok street is, therefore, Soto Ayam Lombok. Although this shop has been established for a long time, many visitors are loyal to Soto Ayam Lombok. The taste that does not change and has its own characteristics that make it different from soto in Malang. For the price, including cheap guys, 25k per portion. Warung Soto Ayam Lombok is located on Jl. Lombok No. 1, Kasin, Malang City and opens at 07: 00-00: 30.


For the second culinary, I choose to look for such sweet dishes. Well, Puthu Lanang which has existed since 1935. Putu’s stall belongs to the legendary warung in Malang City guys. This Warung Putu sells a variety of sweet market snacks such as klepon, putu cakes, lupis, and cenil. Even though they only sell simple market snacks, there are a lot of customers and even queues to buy these sweet snacks guys. If it’s price, don’t worry guys. You just have to spend from 10k anyway.

By noon, I was looking for a place to fill the stomach which started rumbling guys. The place that I visited this time was the Matira Bug Rice. This rice stall has been around since 1935, guys. The unique thing about this stall is, what people around give it. This stall is known as Madura Bug Rice which even in Madura itself there is no culinary. It’s really unique. The contents of a portion of this Bug Rice vary guys. Starting from serundeng, tripe, lung, heart, chicken, lodeh vegetables, and Balinese seasoning eggs. The taste given by this portion of Bug Rice really really misses guys. Just a 30k portion, really cheap right.

A hot afternoon, it’s best to enjoy a bowl of ice cream. In Malang there is a place that sells the famous ice cream, namely Oen Shop. This Oen shop provides various types of homemade ice cream menus. For this bowl of ice cream, we only need to pay 25k-60k, guys. So it’s still safe in the bag. If you want to go to Toko Oen, you can go to Jl. General Basuki Rahmat No. 5, Kauman, Klojen, Malang City.

Towards night, it is best to enjoy the culinary night in Malang. Malang people suggest to enjoy Reso Sego. The place to eat that I came to was really different guys. Even though this shop is categorized as a street vendor, there are many customers. I just queued to be able to get this portion of Reso Sego. Only a portion of only 8k. The menu here is fried rice and mawut rice, which is the mainstay menu.

How do you guys feel attracted to Kulineran in Malang City? No need to be afraid of perforated bags. Because the price of culinary in Malang is still safe to be in the bag. Especially for those of us who like backpackers.

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