Enjoying The Beauty of Japan


Enjoying The Beauty of Japan

For this holiday, I prefer to go to the country of the rising sun. Yep, really … Japan! There are not many reasons why I prefer a vacation in Japan. Besides wanting to play in the Universal Studios, for sure I want to enjoy some unique culinary in Japan guys. BTW this time I went to Japan using Philippine Airline which meant going to transit there. I use business class, so I guessed the price of the flight ticket. For Jakarta-Japan PP tickets, I spend about Rp. 19,500,000 if I’m not mistaken. Many people ask me why I prefer business class over economy. The answer is really simple, because I want to take a vacation, so it doesn’t matter if I use business. Or in other words, I want to enjoy the results of work that I saved. Before leaving for Japan, I also booked a hotel for 3 days there. I booked Universal Hotel Port Vita for 3 days. So … I have to pay overnight about Rp1,802,961 / night. Already know how much the total for 3 days: D. It’s not just a hotel that I prepare. But I’ve also bought tickets to Universal Studios in Osaka. In order to prevent if I wait long. For the entrance ticket, I pay around Rp. 959,816. I have packed everything as neatly as possible, starting from the camera, passport, power bank, laptop, etc. And I’m ready to go.

I fly from Soekarno Hatta Airport at 1:10 am and transit at Ninoy Aquino International Airport for 1 hour and take off again at 7:00 to Narita International Airport. Because I use business class flight, I won’t feel tired. Because you can sleep to your heart’s content and rest comfortably. To go to Soetta, I use taxis and depart from the boarding house at 11 pm so that I can prepare what I have to prepare. Arriving at the airport I immediately checked in and take care of luggage matters. While waiting at the gate, I continue to watch and update the latest news on my laptop while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Because it was time to board the plane, I immediately jumped in to rest and enjoy the trip. I immediately enjoyed getting into the cabin of the Philipine Airline business class. Besides being OK, it turns out that the cabin is really good guys. Welcome drink directly served for passengers. Wide seat spacing and recliner seat. The entertainment provided is also very up to date. So, I didn’t regret choosing the business class for flight to Japan.

At exactly 6:15, I arrived at Ninoy Aquino International Airport and 1 hour in transit. Because it is transiting in the morning, I sent a message to find breakfast at the airport. Finally, I found a restaurant that I think fits my tongue and stomach capacity. Order rice and drink it immediately so that you won’t be sleepy anymore. The price is still okay, guys, but I forgot how much I ate at Sono. Anyway, it’s not expensive, J Hehehe …

Yass … it’s time for me to get on a plane to continue my flight to Japan. This time my Japanese flight will be enjoyed so I won’t miss any exciting and interesting moments of course. The duration of the flight from Philippine-Japan takes approximately 5 hours. I’m killing time by enjoying the entertainment in the cabin. Starting from watching movies until listening to music. Oh yeah … I also enjoy some of the menus they provide. So … I won’t suffer for hunger.


Finally I landed at Narita at 12:25 and I was so happy at that moment. I immediately dealt with the problems at immigration and bought several necessities while in Japan. Starting from the local SIM card and JR pass so that it is comfortable to ride public transportation in Japan. After all the affairs at the airport were finished, I immediately pulled to the hotel for a short break before continuing on to the other agenda. Because I like the things that are fast and instant, I use the fast train in Japan and use the JR Pass that I bought earlier.


Exactly 1 o’clock in Japan, I arrived at the hotel and immediately checked in to the room that I had booked before leaving for Japan. This is the benefit when we have booked early, so we don’t need to wait long at the reception. After showing proof of the books, they checked and the access card for the room already got it. Because it’s really tired, immediately pull out to the room and clean the body of course.


Well … because I ordered a room for someone, so the room was quite big and really cool. The bathroom is also very luxurious, guys. So there is no loss in issuing such a budget. The point is comparable to what you paid. After taking a bath, I immediately set a schedule for whatever agenda I did while in Japan while watching my favorite cartoon movie of course.


When the time is for having dinner, I immediately find the nearest restaurant for dinner. Actually at the hotel I also got a free dinner, but I want to try other foods. And … I went to Vita Dining Solis Gratia which is not too far from the hotel where I stayed. I ordered a really good dinner. Over and over again, I forgot what the name of the menu was. Anyway, it’s really delicious. For the price issue, if I’m not mistaken about 300 Yen, that’s it. After having dinner, I returned to the hotel for a break because I wanted to go to Universal Studio and spend 1 full day at Sono dah. Hehehe…


It’s time for enjoying the HOLIDAY! I immediately went to Universal Studio using public transportation to make it quick and practical. When I arrived, I immediately showed proof of purchase via cellphone and immediately entered. Try it if I buy the entrance ticket on the spot, I’ll be waiting for the queens. I didn’t wait long, I was immediately interested in riding a roller coaster in Sono. Well … so that you can feel the sensation at Universal Studio Japan, I’ll share the photos that I have captured … Enjoy guys!


Well … that was my first day when I was satisfied playing at Universal Studio Japan.

The next day, I continued my vacation for the most interesting culinary tour in Japan, Ameya Yokocho Market. In this place, I satisfy my passion that likes culinary tourism and definitely shopping guys. While I’m here, I enjoy some delicious and delicious culinary. like this one is drawn here. Enjoy it guys.



Well … there it is guys, my best holiday in Japan. I will share my other holidays in several places. But before the holidays, I will definitely survey looking for some interesting places guys. So that the holidays become more interesting and unforgettable. See you ~

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