Enjoy the Beautiful Coastal Gold Coast


Enjoy the Beautiful Coastal Gold Coast

Yeaah..Finally holiday has arrived! Many desires, many plans for everyhting, going everywhere. But finally the decision to spend this holiday to a place called Fun Capital of Australia. Anyone knows? What is really beautiful, and yes you could say a city that is no less beautiful than its neighboring cities that hit badly. Let’s see my experience traveling to the Gold Coast.

gold coast-australia

I had ordered tickets to the Gold Coast for a long time. There were times 2 weeks before I leave. And I choose a ticket with a trip that was not too long for transit. The trip departed to the Gold Coast in about 9 hours, the transit was indeed in Sydney, it didn’t take long, only 2 hours. Very short right?

gold coasts airport

I departed from Jakarta, from my house I took an online motorcycle taxi first to the airport. I didn’t bring too many things with me. Only just took 1 backpack. The online taxi costs also IDR 18,000. The journey left me at 7 pm, the time range arrived at the Gold Cost at 9 am too. It won’t taste. The thing is night trips. The ticket I bought was the airline of Qatar, the pp ticket was Rp. 16,854,100.


When I arrived at the Gold Coast. I went directly to the inn. At least made a talk first. This trip to the Gold Coast I felt was almost the same as I took a bus to Java. Yes the night left, the morning arrived. No taste, because it’s a night trip. The activity was just to sleep so that I was not too tired.

Meriton Suites

I stayed at Meriton Suites Broardbeach, 2669 Gold Coast Highway, Broadbeach, 4218 Gold Coast, Australia. I got half the price for staying 2 nights here. I paid IDR 4, 510,000 for a modern one bedroom suite.

Why did I choose this Gold Coast, because of its strategic location. Can walk to the Gold Coast beach, Jupiters Casino, and the Gold Coast Convention Center in just 5 minutes. if you want to shop, you can also walk. The problem is that it’s only 10 minutes away to Pacific Fair Shopping Center.

Meriton Suites

The facilities are really okay. For those who like to swim, there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools. There is a sauna, hot tub and fitness center. Don’t worry about wifi. It’s really available here. For some rooms it can even enjoy the charming sea views.

gold coast

One thing that really wants to be done here is to go up to the SkyPoint Observation Deck on the 77th floor, Q1 Building, Surfers Paradise and see the beautiful views of the cool Gold Cost coastline. And finally reality. This coastal city is already very famous for its views of the beach that spoil the eyes. Well, besides being able to enjoy the freshness of playing on the beach directly, I tried to see the long coastline from a height. You just have to try it!

q1 building skypoint level 77

Because the distance to Skypoint isn’t too far from the inn, I immediately moved from the room to get there. SkyPoint Observation Deck, open from 07.30 am – 09.00. If the “red date” closes, yes … to go up to the cost of tickets for adults AUD 25 (IDR 263,000), children aged 3-13 AUD 15 (IDR 157,500). Oh yeah, here you can see the amazing Gold Coast coastline on one side, and the skyscrapers on the other side. Cool!


For the food here, I tried the The Bazaar at QT Gold Coast Hotel. Because they have a buffet menu that blends Asia and the Mediterranean. So, you don’t need to go far to find food that fits the Indonesian tongue. Anyway, if you come here, do not forget to prepare the stomach for eating seafood to your heart’s content. Just the dessert, sweet and delicious! For the price, around IDR 1,059,000 – IDR 1,147,000.

QT Hotel Gold Coast

But don’t worry, if you don’t want expensive things, and want to “Eat Like A Local”, you can try the food at NightQuarter, which opens every Friday and Saturday at 16.00-22.00.

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