Enjoy the Aesthetic Taste of Coffee in Medan


Enjoy the Aesthetic Taste of Coffee in Medan


If we talk about coffee, actually most of us love to buy it at the specific merchandise. But, have you ever been to try a cup of coffee in some legendary places? I mean, the coffee that has its own taste and has the aesthetic taste that can make us want to drink it again and again. So, if you vacation to Medan, you can try some aesthetic coffees to make you enjoy the coffee well. Rather than you spend your money to enjoy a cup of coffee in the same places with the same taste. Here some recommendations that you can try guys!


  1. Kok Tong Siantar Coffee

What are you thinking if you hear this name? you will think that there is nothing special about this café. But, you will miss it if you haven’t tried its coffee. Yaps, this coffee has already well known for so long ago. It established in 1925 can make Kok Tong Siantar coffee has its own visitor. The taste of the coffee is different from other coffee in various café. They use Robusta coffee as the main ingredient to make an aesthetic coffee.


  1. Kurnia Coffee shop

Well, move on from Kok Tong Siantar. You also can try another coffee to throw your curiosity. Since in Medan, there are so many coffee shops but Kurnia Coffee Shop can be your reference to try another taste of the coffee. This coffee uses original coffee from Medan. If you want to make your coffee more perfect, you can order some meals here. Such as toast bread, Hokkien noddle, and so on. You will not regret it, trust me!


  1. Tiam Ong Coffee Shop

This is the last coffee shop that I can recommend to you. At this coffee shop, you can try various menus with coffee as the main menu. Do not worry, the coffee that served here is recommended. Although Tiam Ong Coffee Shop is established in 1968, the taste that they give hasn’t changed yet. That is why they have a loyal visitor who always comes to enjoy the coffee.


Enjoying a cup of coffee in the café will be more perfect if you add some meals. Such as toast bread or fried banana or other meals. Since Medan is well known as the city of culinary, so you can explore more about it.

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