Enjoy Korean BBQ at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, Korean


Enjoy Korean BBQ at Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, Korean

For those of you who like to eat BBQ, I suggest you eat at Korean BBQ Kang Ho Dong, guys. The thing is, when I went to Korea for vacation yesterday I tried eating BBQ at Sono and it was really delicious using guys. Let you believe in what I got while eating at Sono. I will share my experience while eating at Korean BBQ.

The first reason I eat at Korean BBQ is because I like to eat meat especially grilled. If you enjoy grilled meat in Indonesia, it’s already bored because it uses spices from Indonesia as well. What is certain is going to be bored, right? So I want to feel different about BBQ. Because I’m on vacation in Korea, so this is my golden opportunity to try out various types of delicious BBQ. It’s just that I don’t know where the most delicious and delicious. After I browse on the internet and keep searching. Finally I found delicious Korean BQQ and many people and even tourists came to eat there. Yaps … really guys, Korean BBQ Kang Ho Dong Baekjong. Just hearing the name surely you already know. So, the owner of this restaurant is a Korean artist named Kang Ho Dong guys. So he gave the name of the restaurant the same as his name.

Kang Ho Dong’s Korean BBQ is located at 19-3, Myeongdong 10, Jung-gu, Seoul and is open daily at 11: 30-23: 30. I went there at lunchtime for lunch as well. The price is also in accordance with the portion they provide. I ordered some of the menus there. Among them, premium beef and spicy kimchi.

Because I was so hungry, I immediately burned the meat and the ingredients were prepared. I didn’t have to wait long, the meat was gone, guys … when I entered my mouth, the soft flesh exploded in my mouth. Soft meat texture and perfect seasoning. Very different when I eat at Indo restaurant. Add more in packs using fresh lettuce and garlic. Beuhhh … So nice …

After the Korean Beef runs out, I immediately continue eating spicy kimchi which is very tempting. over and over again … I was made to forget and get really crazy guys. The fresh taste of kimchi plus savory soup makes my eating moments more memorable. BTW spicy kimchi is served in large portions, so eat it with friends, guys. Anyway, as long as I eat here it doesn’t make me disappointed. There is a price there is quality.

Well, for those of you who like Korean Beef, just come here guys. It’s nice to take a vacation while enjoying culinary in Korea. Let’s say I’ve eaten at a Korean artist’s restaurant. Ha ha ha…

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