Culinary Tourism in Bogor!


Culinary Tourism in Bogor!



This time, I want a culinary tour in the city of rain, Bogor! Does anyone know what a typical culinary from Bogor is? Or have you tried it? Well coincidentally, at this opportunity I will assure you that it is one of the streets with the most typical food from Bogor. The name of the road is Surya Kencana Street. Want to know what kind of food that I found here? Keep following me, Travelers!


Cungkring Pak Jumat


This food is located in the Surya Kencana St. area, Bogor. This food is a legendary culinary in Bogor because it has been selling since 1975. Initially the seller peddled this culinary by going around, but finally in 2004 the owner opened a cart and settled in the area. For those of you who don’t know, cungkring is a typical culinary from Bogor made from cow feets and satay spices. Here there are 4 types of cungkring namely gravel, skin, dampal, and veins. In one portion of cungkring contains pieces of cungkring, rice cake, and tempeh chips doused with peanut and chili seasonings. This culinary is a champion among tourists because it uses soft cungkring meat with boiling for 5-6 hours. Curious to try it?


Sate Sumsum Pak Oo


Satay is a typical Indonesian culinary, this food usually uses mutton or chicken meat. In Bogor, you can enjoy the different flavors of satay, one of them is beef marrow. The presentation is similar to satay in general, but the meat is changed into marrow. Can you imagine how delicious it is, Travelers? This culinary for one portion is IDR 22k containing 10 marrow skewers. If you want to taste it, you can Pak Oo Satay and Kidney Restaurant which located on Surya Kencana St. No. 193.


Soto Kuning


Well, this food is actually not really different from soup in general. It’s just that the soup from Soto is more yellow compared to ordinary Soto. You can freely choose the side dishes according to what taste that you want. Ranging from meat, liver, intestines, lungs, tripe, tongue, gravel, and brain. If you want to try, just visit Soto Kuning Pak Yusup on Surya Kencana St. No. 103. One serving of yellow soto in this place costs IDR 10k depending on the side dish that you choose. You can come at 08:00 – 18:00 every day. Don’t forget to invite your friends, relatives, friends or boyfriend!


Bakso Kikil Pak Jaka


It’s been around since 1993, it’s no wonder that Bakso Kikil Pak Jaka is known as one of the legendary culinary in Bogor. It is located at Surya Kencana St. No. 287 and it opens at 09:00 and closes when the meatballs are out of stock. Pak Jaka’s Kikil Meatballs are so special among local and international tourists because they use soft pebbles that are easy to chew. Gravel taken from the calf part of the cow because it is free of fat. This eating place also provides a regular meatball menu whose meat is taken from the back of the cow’s thigh. The taste is no less tasty than the gravel menu because the meat is tender and odorless.


How’s about the food? Let’s hurry up and enjoy Bogor culinary that I shared to you. Actually there are still a lot of culinary Bogor that can be explored, so I wish sometime we meet again in the next story!


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