Cool Tourism In The Derawan Islands


Cool Tourism In The Derawan Islands

Who has been to the Derawan Islands? What do you think of the place, Travelers? For me, this place is so cool! I traveled from Jakarta to this place and didn’t regret it at all! Do you want to know the sequel? Come follow my story, Travelers!

Arriving at the Berau Kalimarau Airport, I immediately looked for a place to eat for dinner because it was time for dinner. After eating, I immediately checked in at Lapauta Derawan Resort & Restaurant. Oh yeah, I came here with my friends. I’m on vacation for 4 days and 3 nights here. This is a gift from my Papa because I was able to enter PTN. Thank you, Papa 🙂

The next day, I woke up and got ready to explore this island. The first place I visited was Maratua Island. During this time, I used to travel, yeah, guys … So all that’s left is to get it done … I took a speed boat to get to Maratua Island and the scenery was amazing! I don’t know what else to say, guys !!

Here you can snorkel, dive, etc. But this island is known for its paradise for those of you who like to dive, Travelers … So for diving lovers, I think you have to go to Maratua Island!



After that, I went to the second place, Kakaban Island. Again, I got on a speed boat guys because I have to cross between islands. I don’t understand anymore, the scenery here is cool! I feel like coming here every day, I have lunch here while looking at the beautiful expanse of the sea. Don’t forget to also take pictures here.

Here you can swim with funny jellyfish, Travelers …

After that, proceed to the third place, Sangalaki Island. Here I snorkel while waiting for the sunset. Sunset in Bali just loses with sunset here guys .. It’s so cool ..


Already satisfied enjoying the sunset, I returned to the resort.

The next day after breakfast, I visited Ganggung Sanggalau. Usually, it will be conditioned depending on tides, because this user can only be visited at low tide. Luckily when I went there, the guys receded, so I could go there and snorkel around Derawan. I also had lunch here at a local restaurant and dinner as well. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs for your family at home.


After that, I returned to the resort and get ready for packing to return to Jakarta.

The last day here, I woke up early and breakfasted. After that, get ready to go back to Jakarta. The car is available and ready to take you to the airport.

How about my story this time? I can’t wait to go here again, Travelers …

What about you?


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