Cheap Destinations That Are Suitable for Students


Cheap Destinations That Are Suitable for Students

Before planning a vacation, of course, you need to find a destination suitable for your budget. Especially for those of you who are still students, the budget is the main point. But, do not worry since you can choose one of the destinations that you can visit with a budget under IDR 1 million. Let’s check it out!


  1. Karimun Jawa



The first destination is Karimun Jawa. To visit this destination, you have to cross the sea with a small boat from Jepara City. It will take about 6 hours long. That is why, for those who are seasick, do not forget to prepare a crackle bag, LOL

You will see views of the wonderful blue sea and white sand beaches. Besides playing on the beach, you also can do snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of underwater. Since the underwater are really cool and you need to enjoy it!


  1. Tanah Lot, Bali



Although so many visitor vacation to Bali, the charm of this island is never fades. Including one of these destinations, namely Tanah Lot. This place has an epic view, because when the weather is sunny, the cliffs around it become visible and can be an interesting place for us as the tourists.


  1. Malioboro



In this place, you can find various snacks and souvenirs which quite affordable prices. The atmosphere in this place also makes you more comfortable like you are at home. If you are bored in Malioboro, you can choose other tourist destinations though. For example, the beaches around Mount Kidul, such as Wediombo and Sadranan beach. Those beaches are better than the beaches in Bali.


  1. Ujung Kulon



For you who are beach lovers, you can visit Ujung Kulon. This place is located in Banten, which is not far from Jakarta. Besides having beautiful beaches, this place has several of marine species which is interesting to see.

Because the place is not far from Jakarta, absolutely to visit this place you do not need to spend a lot of money. Ujung Kulon is really recommended for a student. Let’s travel, Guys!


  1. Anyer Beach



Anyer Beach is the famous beach in Banten. This place is usually well known as the most beautiful place on the western tip of Java. This beach is appropriate for those of you who are still students. Why? Since you will not spend your money to enjoy and get an unforgettable moment when you vacation to Anyer Beach.

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