Best Souvenir Ever from Lampung That You Should Know


Best Souvenir Ever from Lampung That You Should Know

On last January, me and my friend went to Lampung in order to meet our client there. At first, I was too lazy went to Lampung since I believed that there was nothing that we could do there. Well, you know I love doing something interesting although I still have to work there. But, all the thing was totally different since my friend found something that we could do there. The activity that we had done there was buy the souvenir ever from Lampung. For your information, the souvenir that I purchased there was really good and really recommended to you if you visit Lampung. Therefore, I will give you some best recommendation you can buy while you are in Lampung, as follows:

  1. Banana Pie

If you have tried banana pie in some places, but when you are in Lampung you cannot miss it. Since banana pie in Lampung is totally different with other provinces. It has its own texture and taste that you cannot compare with other. Banana pie has various kind of topping that you can buy such as chocolate, almond nut, cheese, and oreo. Those taste you can choose based on what you want. For the price on each pies only IDR 5k for small size and IDR 8.5k for the big size. These meals can be saved for 2-3 days only since it made from fresh ingredients.


  1. Lampung Chili Sauce

This chili sauce is really different with others. Since it use the unique taste from Lampung. The famous chili in Lampung is Tempoyak chili sauce. It made from the fermentation of durian and mixed with chili. Trust me, the taste is really delicious. But, you have to consume it soon since it made from fresh ingredient and have no additional preservative ingredients. You only need to purchase IDR 25k per bottle.


  1. Banana Chips

West Sumatra is well known for its balado chips and Lampung has its own chips. But Lampung has banana chips that you  can buy as the souvenir. Banana chips from Lampung is really different with others. Since they use ambon banana as their main ingredient and that is why the texture and the taste is different. The also made into various taste that you can choose. Such as chocolate, cheese, durian, strawberry, and balado (chili sauce). You can find it in some store who sells banana chips.


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