Best Coffee Shop In Bali


Best Coffee Shop In Bali

Best Coffee Shop In Bali

Hello, Travelers! At this time, I will share my experience while on holiday in Bali. If you usually vacation in Bali is always spent on the beach and playing surfboards, this time I will be different. Because when I vacation in Bali, I prefer to taste some of the delicious coffee in Bali. Enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the twilight or imagination looks very interesting and entertaining for me. So, there are several cafes that I recommend for you coffee lovers and want to taste the coffee in Bali. For the price issue, you don’t need to worry, because it’s still safe in our pockets. Then, I also mention the price of a coffee per glass so that it can be your comparison later.

  1. Espress Coffee House

If you are on holiday in the Legian Kuta area, this café is a must for you to visit. When I enjoy a coffee here, I immediately fall in love with the coffee they make. This café offers a variety of coffee drinks but the prices are very cheap. Because yesterday I ordered frappe, so I only pay in the range of 30k-40k IDR per glass. Very cheap right! When it comes to taste, it’s really good.


  1. Tukang Kopi

In contrast to Espress Coffee House located in Legian Kuta, this Coffee Shopper is located in Denpasar Bali. This place is perfect for me because as long as here I can hang out and hang out with my friends. Besides selling coffee, this place also provides snacks that can accompany you to hang out. The price per glass is also cheap. I just pay 30k IDR for a cup of coffee. In addition, this place is also very suitable to spruce up your Instagram feeds.


  1. FREAK Coffee

Because I’m also one of those who love visuals, this place is perfect for visiting. Because in the glass there are various types of images that you can get when ordering a cup of coffee. FREAK This coffee is located in Ubud, Bali, and is ready to welcome you to enjoy a cup of coffee at dusk. For the price range, if I’m not mistaken it’s only 10k-45k IDR. But if the type of Kopi Luwak, the price will be different, because it is a bit more expensive, of course.


  1. Fifteen And8 Coffee

Because I already want to go back to my hometown, so I am ready to enjoy coffee before leaving Bali. Fifteen and8 Coffee is not far from Ngurah Rai Airport, so I don’t need a long time to arrive at this location. A unique and different taste from others, making coffee in this café makes me want to come again and again.

Well, here are some of my stories during coffee hunting in Bali. Enjoy a cup of coffee doesn’t always have to be expensive. Because the cheap one can also pleasure a cup of coffee. Especially if we enjoy it with friends or just enjoy the evening alone. Do you like coffee?

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