Bakso Party in Surabaya City


Bakso Party in Surabaya City


What’s up, Guys! it’s been a long time since I didn’t share my traveling stories with you. Well … you know, Guys, if work in the office is piled up. So you can’t go for traveling. So, do you guys miss me? By the way, this time I want to share a weekend vacation story when visiting the City of Heroes, Surabaya. Because the theme is weekend holidays, so you know how long it is. While in Surabaya, the most important thing I did was culinary hunting. But, the only food I hunt is only meatballs. So … the meatball party in the city of Surabaya, here we go!

First thing first, I left for Surabaya on Friday night. In order to prevent take a long time, I prefer aircraft than overland transportation. The flight I chose this time was Lion Air to depart and for Citilink’s return. While in Surabaya I stayed at and checked out before 5 am so I wouldn’t miss my flight. Oh yeah, guys. For details on airline and hotel ticket costs, I’ll share it below. My flight to Surabaya at 20:45 WIB. Before leaving, I have to do all the office business with a maximum so that there are no revisions or heaps. Luckily the flight to Surabaya this time was via Soetta, so I could use the airport train to avoid traffic jams.


Fortunately, I arrived at the airport 30 minutes before departure. While waiting at the gate, I had time to fill the stomach in order to prevent suffering for hunger, wow. The funny thing when during the trip I was really delayed, Guys. Perhaps because of the effects of tiring work all day continued to vacation. But do not worry, because I have prepared mentally and health so as not to fall ill. Thanks to God, I landed safely at Juanda International Airport. Because it’s late at night, I proceed directly to the hotel where I stay.


Arriving at the hotel, I cleaned myself and continued to rest. Because they have to save energy to carry out the meatball party in Surabaya tomorrow. It’s not just energy that has to be prepared. But also my stomach that I need to be able to enjoy various kinds of meatballs in Surabaya. Well, this is my first experience to hunt for meatballs. Usually, culinary hunting randomly without defining the type of food to be hunted. So, wait and see … the meatball party in Surabaya will begin!


On the next day, I went straight to the first place to sell meatballs, Tanjung Anom Meatballs. You can visit Tanjung Anom meatballs on Tanjung Anom street No. 2 and its branch on Jalan Taman Apsari No. 7. Well … these meatballs have their own special taste, guys. The meatball is made from selected beef doused with gravy made from the beef broth. The thing that surprised me when eating meatballs here is the portion of the meatball, Guys. Even though there are only 2 meatballs, you will be full. This is because of the size of the giant bumbo jumbo: D. Oh yes … one portion is valued at Rp. 25,000 anyway. So cheap right …



The second meatball dish I visited next was Jalil Meatballs. Located on Jalan Taman Apsari No. 25. Tanjung Anom Meatballs do not provide fried food, in contrast to Jalil Meatballs, Guys. We can enjoy a bowl of Jalil Meatballs plus fried food. This savory and light taste is perfect for those of us who don’t really like the strong taste of the beef broth. For one serving of Jalil Meatballs, we only need to spend Rp. 15,000 per bowl of standard size meatballs.

Wait a minute, guys! the meatball party in the city of Surabaya is not over yet. There is still one more place that I want to visit. Namely, Meatballs Cukul located on Jalan Kombes Pol M. Duryat No. 41F. Well … if the meatballs that I visited earlier only provided meatball stuff. This time it’s really different, Guys. The contents of the bakso are varied. There are dumplings, tofu, fried foods, box meatballs, tofu, and … ssssstttt … secret J. The price of a bowl of Cukul Meatballs is only Rp. 15,000. Wow, right …



So, that’s the story about a meatball party in Surabaya that I want to share. Every now and then you guys try a really short holiday weekend. Because it’s fun and really challenging, Guys. Do not believe it? You just prove it yourself! See you in the next story …


Flight ticket Jakarta-Surabaya                : Rp. 840.000
Flight ticket Surabaya-Jakarta                : Rp. 1.185.100
Hotel                           : Rp. 389.006/Nights

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