Aurora in New Zealand


Aurora in New Zealand

Friends have you ever known that in New Zealand besides its the natural beauty that is always stunning, there is anything else that they have in the beautiful sky? Another beautiful thing in their sky is “Aurora”. This one heaven phenomenon, special. Because not all countries experience spectacular sky phenomena like this.

Aurora at Takepo Lake

For you who don’t have a big budget to go to America to see aurora, you can go to New Zealand more. Because, there you can also enjoy the beautiful aurora treats, moreover its proximity to Indonesia will also make it easier for you to go there.

Previously, in this world there were two kinds of aurora. Namely, Aurora Borealis or often referred to as the light from the north displays amazing natural phenomena with dramatic and magical beauty that is able to amaze everyone. This aurora only appears in the Arctic region and the best place to enjoy this natural wonder is in Alaska and northern Canada. And finally, if the aurora borealis was called the light from the north, the aurora from the south or the light from the south was called Aurora Austrialis. Actually the mention is related to the place of the emergence of aurora, this type of aurora aurora only occurs in the south pole region. Well, Aurora Australis is passing through New Zealand.

Stewart Island

One of the best spots to enjoy aurora is in New Zealand, among others, Stewart Island which consists mostly of national plants. From this area you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful Aurora Autrialis, auroras that we can see here are generally green and pink. Then at Takepo Lake, and finally in the Catlins region, the southernmost location in the world that we can still visit.

The Catlins

Well, the best time to see the beautiful aurora in southern New Zealand is during the winter. Because in winter, the sky in New Zealand at night will be very clear, and clean. Especially in the south, of course, beauty will be served with the natural freshness of natural fragrance that is rarely found in Indonesia itself.

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