Amazing Wellington


Amazing Wellington

The capital of New Zealand always promises fun things. From its friendly citizens, its old buildings are amazing, to the exciting journey here. From Jakarta to Wellington, I tried to feel the flight with a ticket for Rp. 75,093,700. The reason for choosing this flight was because it was the fastest flight to get to Wellington. Usually traveled for 1 day and 4 hours, but I traveled with just 22 hours. Wow, it’s really fast. The problem was my friends really recommended to order flight tickets on one of the sites that provided ticket reservations.


Well, the difference with previous trips was this trip just wanted to feel the night atmosphere there. The flight from Jakarta departed at 11:11 PM West Indonesia Time. It turned out that 22 hours on the plane was very insignificant to me. Passengers on the plane were quiet, in fact you could say the only passenger was in the cabin. The descent from the plane, I went proceeded to the hotel with the room that I booked to spend the night here for 640 NZD (IDR 6,300,000) / night, namely at the Intercontinental Harbor View.

Intercontinental Harbour View.

At the hotel, I just puttedd my bag. Afterwards, because it was still not too late, I tried to take a walk around Wellington for a moment. In Wellington there are many interesting destinies. Here there are destinations that offer a luxurious and exclusive experience. with amazing natural scenery and friendly people. However, unfortunately I only wanted to spend one night here. So, not necessarily enough time if I visited all the destinations. But, there was one destination that I had sought so far, namely to Fiordland National Park.

fiordland nationa park

helicopter line

Fiorland National Park is a valley formed by glacial melt that forms the letter U which is then fulfilled by sea water. Fourteen fjords along the southwestern edge of the South Island were formed over a period of 100,000 years, and details were finally beautified during the last ice age about 10,000 years ago. And I chose to enjoy the quiet beachside, enjoying the view of the towering mountains seen from the helicopter. In addition, luxury tourists can dine in the alpine lake area above Fiordland. To ride a helicopter, I booked via the website at a price of Rp10,320,554 with a trip of only 2.5 hours. Wow! This has been a journey that I will never forget in my entire life. Around Mirford Sound, Te Anau, then Fiorland National Park. Come on, enjoy Wellington with an amazing experience!

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