Amazing Transit Experience at Changi Airport


Amazing Transit Experience at Changi Airport

Hi Guys … this time I want to tell a holiday experience when I want a vacation to Japan, guys. But what I’m going to tell you about is not my vacation when in Japan. But share experiences when I transit at Changi Air Port for about 10 hours. Of course I already know why I want to share my experience in transit in Singapore. But, this time there is something different guys from the most sophisticated airport in the world. They just recently opened the Jewel Changi Airport. Yaps … really, btw anyone knows what Jewel is? Well … so JEWEL is a unique blend of nature and urban energy combined in a largest indoor park in Singapore. So that later we will get a warm welcome from Jewel, you know. Isn’t that cool? It’s very different from airports in Indonesia. Hehehe…

Because I transit here for about 10 hours, so I use this airport for exploration. There are several places that I explore like:

1. Butterfly Garden
This is a free facility provided by the airport for travelers or visitors. And for free information this facility you won’t find anywhere you know. Can you imagine, we can see beautiful butterflies only in the airport and can even enjoy the beauty of flowers and greenery as well. Anyway, a long transit won’t feel like it.


2. Entertainment Deck
Well … for those of you who like to play games, this one facility you must visit while you are in transit. This facility is available at Teriminal 2 which provides Xbox 360 and even PlayStation 3 guys. In a way, we won’t be stressed and bored when transit for hours, huh? Because this is a free facility, we are allowed to play to our heart’s content. So cool!

3. Movie Theater
If you are watching, this facility is a must for you to visit. As long as you are waiting for your hotel check-in or transit, we can watch theater films available at terminals 2 and 3 at this airport. The film here is also complete, guys, eittts … we also have to know the time, guys. Don’t let us miss the flight just because it’s fun to watch our favorite movie. I might get a vacation so it’s invalid … Hahaha

4. Jewel Changi Airport

Because this has just been inaugurated, this facility is the most excellent guys. Because here we can take pictures, eat, or even shop at hundreds of shops there. So, we’re going to be spoiled guys, but we have to remember time too so we don’t miss the plane. Because Jewel Changi Airport is connected to terminals 1 and 4 of the airport, we can use multiple accesses. If we are from terminal 1, Jewel Changi Airport is connected to the arrival area of ​​terminal 1 on the first floor. Then, if you are from terminal 2, you can walk toward it from departure 2 or terminal 3 via the connecting bridge. Then, if from terminal 3, you can walk from departure terminal 2 or terminal 3 through the connecting bridge. If from terminal 4, you can use the free shuttle bus service to termina 2 and continue by walking to its location.

When here, you can be content to enjoy the beauty of a beautiful waterfall wrapped in a garden that is so beautiful and refreshing our eyes. If you are hungry, you can eat here, because there are more than 280 shops and restaurants ready to spoil your tongue.

So that’s it guys, my story when transiting at Changi Airport. I hope you can prove the sophistication and beauty of this airport. Next time I’ll share my vacation … see you travelers …

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