All About Camper van


All About Camper van

New Zealand

It had been long time that I wanted to vacation in New Zealand and felt adventurous using Campervan, but the opportunity only came at the end of this year. A different vacation would be realized soon, like an adventure, down the island of New Zealand from North to South using Campervan without staying in a hotel. It had become a challenging new experience to try, and many people said, not yet become a true traveler if you haven’t felt this adventure.

My husband and I decided to go on a summer trip, so the reason we decided to go to New Zealand at the end of the year, as we known the season in New Zealand was inversely proportional to Europe. If it was winter in Europe, then in New Zealand was summer, and vice versa, so for those who want to travel there, don’t get the costume wrong. Why summer? Even though it was summer, some places in New Zealand the temperature could still be below 12-13 degrees, the wind was not piercing enough, could you imagine if it’s like winter, I was worried because the weather was so unable to enjoy the wild to the fullest. Secondly, when the sun setted in the summer starting at 22:00 to 23:00 at night, so the day was longer, I hope I could be more satisfied enjoying the natural beauty of New Zealand which was famous for its beauty and it turned out this was true.

To find out where to stay in camper van there were websites and applications that were quite helpful. Oh yes, don’t forget to prepare an International Driving License and License. Especially for campervan, the driver must be at least 21 years old. My advice, it’s better to just make an International SIM in Jakarta, the fee will not reach IDR 300,000. If you make an International SIM in New Zealand, it can cost around 60 NZD (IDR 585,000). For the Campervan rental fee, we get it for 144 NZD (IDR 1,410,000) per day.

Initially, when we decided to vacation using Camper van in New Zealand, I was quite confused by the terms Motorhome, Camper van, and RV because they all looked the same. Coupled with the lack of information about driving a campervan so we did not have a definite picture of the facilities on the campervan, what was available (including rental fees) and what had to be rented or purchased. And finally, my husband and I found the answer.

So, for those of you who want to adventure in New Zealand need to know this. Difference between Motorhome, Campervan, Caravan, RV & Self Contained Vehicle:

Usually the back is shaped like a long box, but the driver’s cabin is connected alias integrated with the rear cabin. Because the back is box-shaped, driving is like carrying a small truck. The facilities inside are complete such as facilities at home with a capacity of 3 to 8 beds (berth), toilet, kitchen, television, DVD, cooler, and heating.

Usually in the form of a van that is 5 to 7 meters long with a capacity of 2 to 3 beds (2-3 berth). There are no significant driving constraints (other than length), the driver’s cabin with the rear fused and compact, making mobility easier. Some campervan facilities are equipped with toilets and kitchens, but some are not.

Is a cabin-shaped box that does not have an engine, usually when you want to be used for recreation must be pulled by car to the destination.

Recreational Vehicle (RV)

Is a term that used for vehicles that can be used for camping. Motorhome and campervan are included in the RV category.

Self Contained Vehicle

Vehicles that have adequate clean water facilities, toilets, showers and tanks for proper disposal of water and sewage so that when vehicles stay at camper sites that do not have toilet and shower facilities, users can continue to maintain environmental cleanliness without leaving rubbish and dirt in these places . Self contained vehicles in New Zealand are equipped with special stickers, where Campervan or Motorhome with this sticker can be free to stay at the free camper site marked self contained vehicle.

And, information for what facilities are in Campervan and Motorhome are:


New Zealand

This bed capacity from 2 to 3 people. For motorhome types, there is usually an additional double bed at the top of the driver. Campervan companies usually provide pillow and blanket facilities that are included in the rental fee, but there are also some who charge additional fees.

Storage Cabinets & Racks

New Zealand

For both campervan and motorhome, there is a wardrobe for clothes and also plenty of shelves for storing goods and cooking utensils. If the campervan usage time is long, items in the suitcase can be moved and arranged on the storage rack to make it easier to retrieve because there is no need to go back and forth to open the suitcase or backpack.









Tersedia kitchen sink untuk mencuci piring, Kompor gas ukuran 2-4 tungku, panci dan penggorengan, pisau dan sendok masak, piring, gelas dan sendok makan, serbet/lap tangan (kadang ada juga yang menyediakan sponge cuci piring), hingga oven dan toaster. Jadi kegiatan masak memasak tidak ada kendala karena seluruh perlengkapan telah tersedia.




Each motorhome or campervan is usually equipped with a refrigerator to store food. So no need to worry if there are leftovers and food ingredients can still be stored in the refrigerator anyway.


New Zealand

For the motor home type, there are usually 2 separate spaces between the shower and lavatory and also the sink so the space is quite roomy. While Campervan, usually the toilet is only one room. For shower and lavatory combined (no sink facilities) and the size is very narrow. Also available is a portable waste tank (WC). Before using this portable wc, fill it with water and add the blue powder to destroy the dirt. Usually this blue powder has been provided with several satchets when we rent campervan. If it’s felt lacking, we can buy additional.


New Zealand

Some campervan companies provide free GPS facilities and some others rent. If you do not get GPS, you should rent it because it is very helpful and makes it easy on the trip.

Sleeping and toilet utensils

The rental facilities usually include a set of pillows, blankets and towels. In accordance with the number of people who are on Camper van.

Hopefully useful, Guys!


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