One Fine Day in Yogyakarta


One Fine Day in Yogyakarta

Who says a day’s vacation in Yogyakarta is impossible? I will prove to all of you that we can have a vacation in Yogya. For this time, I vacation in Yogya is practically impromptu and there are no plans that are so mature actually. You could say it’s just desperate capital anyway. To save on trips, I prefer to go to Yogya by train from Pasar Senen and get off at Yogyakarta. The ticket you need to pay for this round trip is 780K, guys. The inn that I book is Faithful Backpacker which is only 95K per night.


No need to worry guys. The lodging I chose included near everywhere, including Malioboro Mall. All you have to do is walk around 300m and get to the Mall. How to Is it still gat uh? Because I depart from Jakarta on Friday, and I also have to go back on Sunday to keep coming to work guys. So, NO LEAVE DAY! The destinations I will be visiting are Malioboro, Tugu Monument, Joglo Doyong, and some good hangouts in Yogya. I depart from Pasar Senen Station at 18:55 and are expected to arrive at 3 am. Nothing that I can do while on the train. I just watch, play a cellphone, and … sleep!

When I arrived in Yogyakarta, I immediately jumped into the inn which is not so far from the station. Then … what I do is continue sleeping to recharge the energy to go around the city of Yogyakarta. Because the first place I’m going to visit is Maliboro and the famous Tugu Monument, you know. Just exciting and great deh. All types of culinary I try and taste one by one. Yes, you know that culinary in Yogya is already known to be cheap and delicious. Anyway, I spent a full day to enjoy culinary, tours and exciting activities while in Yogya.



the culinary that I tried this time is not only snacks, but also more food and it really happened there guys.


How to All day vacation in Yogya can we really do it guys. Come on Try your version of one fine day and create it guys.


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